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A selection of Fabrics

I do not keep a stock of gowns, or fabric as each gown produced is a unique commission.  Fabric is chosen and purchased individually for each commission. The list below are just some examples I have selected for you to look at.

Satin Back Crepe - Satin fabric in which highly twisted yarns are used in the filling direction. The floating yarns are made with low twist and may be of either high or low luster. If crepe effect is the right side of the fabric, the fabric is called satin back crepe.

Dupioni - This textured fabric is recognized by irregular-sized, thick fabrics woven into the base fabric. Fibers that create texture are thicker and heavier.

Embroidered - An embellishment of a fabric in which coloured threads are sewn into the fabric to create a design. Embroidery may be done either by hand or machine.

Georgette - A sheer lightweight fabric, often made of silk or from such manufactured fibers as Polyester, with a crepe surface. Organza - A crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric, with a medium to high yarn count, made of silk, rayon, or polyester. The fabric is used primarily in evening and wedding apparel for women.

Organza - A crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric, with a medium to high yarn count, made of silk, rayon, or polyester. The fabric is used primarily in evening and wedding apparel for women.

Organdy - another name for organza is lightweight, sheer and crisp. Originally organdy was made of cotton and organza of silk. Perfect for sheer irridescent bridal skirt overlays.

Satin - A traditional fabric utilizing a satin weave construction to achieve a luscious fabric surface. Satin is a traditional fabric for evening and wedding garments. Typical examples of satin weave fabrics include: Slipper Satin, Crepe - back Satin, Faille Satin, Bridal Satin and Royal Satin.

Silk - Is obtained from cocoons of certain species of caterpillars. It is soft and has a brilliant sheen. It is one of the finest textiles. It is also very strong and absorbent.

Taffeta - A lustrous, medium weight, plain-weave fabric with a slight ribbed appearance in the filling (crosswise) direction. For formal and wedding wear, Taffeta is a favourite choice. It provides a crisp hand with lots of body. Silk Taffeta gives the ultimate rustle, but other fibers are also good choices.

Plain lace - is a design woven into a net back ground. Example here is a rose design.

Corded lace Appliqué - Generally from France and known as French corded lace. The main design is determined by a cord, heavy or fine, on a plain lace. This gives corded lace weight and texture.

Chantilly lace - Again originating in France. Usually fine and lightweight, with the backing lace a little more dense than in other lace types. It is also possible to get many colourways in Chantilly lace, when many other laces are confined to white, ivory and black.

Corded lace Coloured - Corded lace can easily be adapted to take colour because a coloured cord can be applied to a cream or ivory lace. Quite often gold or silver cord on plain lace or pastel colours on plain.

Lace motifs - A lace, which could be any of the above ie, corded, guipure or plain is used to create shaped motifs. Used to decorate wedding gown bodice front panels, and also used in numbers to create a pattern on a plain silk skirt.

Lace borders - Again, any of the above lace styles are used to create borders of varying widths. Used for wedding gown hems, sleeve trims etc.

Guipure lace - A combination of dense lace patterns ie, a flower or symmetrical shape, connected by a less dense part of the design ie, a leaf. Guipure lace defines itself by having no net backing. The designs are usually bold. Very popular and desirable lace.

A Selection of Fabrics

Satin Back Crepe Satin back dupion Polyester Satin
Shimmer Satin Pleated Shimmer Satin English Taffeta
Organdy Crystal Organze Silk Crepe
Liquid Satin Thai Silk Silk Organza
Supreme Silk Dupion Silk Dupion Embroidered Duchess
Embroidere Duchess Embroidered Organza Embroidered Silk
Embroidere Silk Georgette Plain lace rose
Corded Lace Applique Silver Chantilly Lace Lightly Corded Coloured Lace
Corded Motif Corded Boarder