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Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding gown will be talked about for years to come, it will be scrutinised by all your guests, it will make an appearance in most of your wedding photos, and you need to be comfortable, after all it's YOUR outfit for the most important day of your life!  Your wedding gown is possibly the most important item you will purchase for your wedding day.

These are the stages taken in the making of your Gown.

A first consultation will establish your ideas for your gown, whether it is a photograph, magazine picture or your own sketch, that is the inspiration for what you hope to be wearing on your wedding day.

Styles and fabrics are discussed.  Samples are available for you to take away, for more consideration if necessary.

From your ideas I will sketch my interpretation of the gown.

I generally ask respective clients to allow me a week or so to do this, obtain samples and formulate the cost of the gown.

Sketches, samples and a quote for the cost will arrive by post within this time.

For those who wish to go ahead, and have the gown made I request a deposit of approximately 1/3 of the cost.

Fabrics are then purchased and measurements are taken.

All bodices, and sleeves if necessary, are first made in Calico, the term for this being a "toile", from this a client can determine that the shape is as she wishes, and I make any necessary alterations, so as to ensure a perfect, made to measure fit.

I hope from the initial consultation to see my clients up to a maximum of 4 times before the gown is completed.  This of course varies.

Payment in full is required on completion of the gown, to the clients satisfaction.

The Sketch

Wedding Gown Sketch